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The Society is registered from Register of Societies, Govt. of West Bengal under Societies Act XXVI of 1961 vide Regd. No. S/1L/14727 of 2002-03. The Society is formed without any discrimination of cast, creed, race or sex or any other kind of social discrimination. GENIUS is now well known to students for Internship.


A Managing Committee consisting of 8 office bearers manages the Society. The Managing Committee is the main decision making platform of the Society. The social workers, housewives and grass root level volunteers represent the committee. The Chairman and Secretary of the Society are responsible to the Managing Committee where all the important decision of the organization is taken unanimously as per democratic norms.


The Board Directors of ďARIES GROUPĒ formed GENIUS is presently involved in various noble social works & is specially working for less fortunate people, female, orphan & street children. The Society is specialist in organizing Awareness Programme in different burning issue. Members of the Society are very active & giving their voluntary service for the development of the Society.


GENIUS works for less fortunate people (such as orphans street childrenís or weaker part of the society mainly women and tribal) without any discriminations of any cast, creed, race, or sex or any kind of social discriminations. We believe that every man & woman out of their cast, creed, and religion will have equal rights, privileges and dignity in the society and we should live in exploitation free society, peace fully with love, respects, dignity and fellow feeling to each otherís. So, for the development concern, we believe in self-sustaining development and thatís why our all programme are aimed with self-sufficient with the best of local resources. People must be self-sufficient. All around development is only possible when there will be proper educated and thatís why Society gives much stress mainly on the training & education programme for mother & child.


Corporate Office Branch Office Customer Care Nos.
Loknath Apartment,
Land Mark: Entally Police Station
3 Canal Street, 3rd floor,
Kolkata: 700 014, W. B. India
1st Floor, Mahendra Arcade,
Besides Anjuman Plaza
(Hotel Central Point Building)
Ranchi Main Road, Ranchi: 834201
Jharkhand, India.
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